Where Mobilization is Heading


A few months after opening an e-commerce website, things were not going well for John, a small-time beauty product salesman from West Virginia. Word of mouth rather than the website itself was bringing him a somewhat steady stream of new clients. He loved his business but found it not so deeply satisfying until he realized that he was still utilizing the age-old way of web marketing – the desktop version.

By the end of 2015, given the pace the technology is moving right now, we can assume that the mobile usage will take over desktop usage. The ultimate goal of the mobile industry, as it seems, would be to eliminate desktop entirely, but most mobile enthusiasts can’t achieve this goal in one step. Instead, they need to work toward it systematically which means convincing the market that is fixated upon desktops to learn the benefits of mobile. Fortunately, these companies seem to know their audience – worries about compatibility often keep the audience awake. They skip the obvious signs – relying prematurely on old ways of browsing before mobilized version introduces itself. They don’t address compatibility issues with mobile strategies at all, so when “things happen”, its counterpart is the only option. They don’t take latest factors into account.

But, things aren’t straight forward as it seems in the world of non-mobile users. They are facing troubles with mobile friendly adapting to applications that are not meant for desktops. The bottom level of mobile world, and the first step to freeing from the desktop world, is acceptance. This step is at the base of every move to mobilization, just as basic survival was at the base of hierarchy of needs. It’s also the hardest step to take because here it requires that the user shift his or her thinking about the mobile way of living.

To make things easier, for users and SEO-friendly websites, companies are now forcing to consider mobile applications for most of their services. A Good SEO Company services will make sure your website is mobile friendly and make sure that it captivates your audienceTo add cherry on top, some search engines have begun penalizing the rankings of those websites that are not so mobile-friendly. This means, it is crucial that people know how important it is to mobilize a website before they run out of options. Getting and staying with mobile world requires a fundamental thinking shift. If you are driving down a freeway at hundred miles per hour where it is allowed, you cannot back up unless you come to a complete stop. Similarly, you cannot keep using desktop marketing the only source for establishing your business. Mobile marketing requires that you think in a different way which simply means that you are no longer under the spell of desktop world. It is not about getting out of this world. That will happen later. Until you adapt to mobilized version, you will stay locked in the vicious cycle of using desktop versions only to display “404 error page” when a mobile user is accessing your website. You don’t want to shoo away your potential customers unless there is a serious reason to do so.