Mobile Marketing Challenges

is it? is it??

Mobile web design is not just a fad. It is a thing to embrace now to be ahead of competitors later. It is a medium to master the psychology of audience and be eligible for a significant share of the market. It is the thing of the present and an area where cost of testing and failure is low. There are hurdles to be faced and challenges to overcome. For example, there may be too many browsers and each one of them may be rendering the web differently. Different screen sizes and handsets may experience varying screen orientations and rendering speeds. A high mobile data charge may prevent efficient mobile search. Network connectivity may slow down the speed and coverage may not be everywhere. This means, the messages are going to slow down or get lost in the web. All these often leads to chaos. There are features, however, that solve each one of these issues. For instance, streamlining website and messages will not choke the network and help deliver the intended message more faster and clearer.

Today, mobilization design is becoming common in mobile world that it is worth it for all businesses to try to anticipate it rule the industry. By so doing, some of these businesses might just be able to get right back on track when it happens. This is about getting conscious of and connected to not only the new way of life but new experiences of running a business as well. A technology like this is bound to develop organically. It will grow and change as the world progress. It will become more precise as you become more aware and skilled about the concept.

Tools To Mobilize Websites

With all these in mind, let us face it and accept some of the most crucial tools for mobilizing websites and making it SEO friendly. For those who have access to the internet through smartphones and tablets, these tools are not new. In fact they pop-up every time when someone visits featured websites. When your website visitors are in a hurry and have little patience to access the content, these tools can come to your rescue. Waiting for the desktop version to load and render properly is now a thing of a past. In addition, given the fact that the desktop versions fail to function properly on mobile devices, these tools are a must have for your business.

WpTap Mobile Detector – This tool is a WordPress plugin that can turn your blog – big or small – into a mobile-friendly version instantly; all with the integrated mobile detector. One of the best features of this tool is its ability to redirect the device to a specific URL after screening through the device’s compatibility. The tool automatically detects the system and browser the blog is being read from and quickly switches to a theme that the device needs. If you own a different WAP or website that you want to redirect to the user, you can do that task as well.

Mobile Smart – Another plugin that allows your blog or website content to switch themes accordingly. When the user visits your website through a mobile device, the theme is switched instantly and template tags added as well. This plugin is available for a wide range of devices, including BlackBerry tablet, iPad, video game systems, Android tables and Windows Phone 7. Users can also switch the theme manually if needed.

Winksite – This tool will make it easier for you to create and share mobile websites to your audience. The site created with this tool can be shared instantly through social network, and anyone with mobile device can access your website without glitch. The tool possess all the features that are believed should fill the emptiness found in many other mobilizers.

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin – A mobile plugin that lets mobilization of websites and blogs in a matter of minutes. This plugin has the ability to detect almost all types of mobile devices. It also has the ability to convert your website or blog into a mobile theme that is consistent in look and feel. Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin comes with a number of distinctive features such as advanced pagination, Google AdSense integration, commenting, social network compatibility and analytics.