Options for Mobilization

going mobile

Most website owners skip the mobile version and stay right with their conventional one – in other words, ignoring mobile devices. It is understandable with this move: mobility sometimes feels awful. The truth is, mobile web design has many options compared to the rest. A website in action can be a responsive and adaptive one built with wings and ready to fly. There are more pros than cons unlike previously suspected, and mobile web design seems to have no end when it comes to innovation and creativity. This is what new generation is excited about, and this is what customers need to make their life easier on the go. With each adaption from the mobile world, comes new possibility. Website owners who are often tempted to erase mobile usage from their plan need to think again. If they are slashing away the idea, they run the risk of losing best and loyal customers. The switch to mobilized SEO-friendly web design is not about elimination – it is a process of exploration and evolution. If you have an SEO company build your website for you, they will be sure that your website is not only mobile friendly, but user friendly as well, insuring that you get the most out of your website!

There are a wide range of mobile web design strategies to choose from and as you look at each type you will find the major difference in each one of them. A responsive web design for SEO-friendly websites is an approach that most companies prefer on mobile devices. These websites are designed and coded such that they allow companies to find out important information about the mobile device and its environment and make adjustments to content and layout to be displayed optimally. This means taking into account the features of the device, its compatibility, screen size and so on. Responsive design approach allows every element on the webpage to be displayed on the mobile device. However, this approach requires that the online business be aware of the challenges of website design and rebuild wherever needed. They need to consider certain aspects like handling images, optimizing performance or page load time, creating user-friendly forms and so on. Fortunately, these websites are designed from the ground up while focusing on the optimization techniques for least capable devices and adding more sophistication up the technology ladder. The Progressive Enhancement technique used is flexible and reliable on mobile devices, as a result.

While it is important to review the performance of responsive web design from time to time at the end of each release, it is important not to get discouraged when reality seems to bear less resemblance to the original plan. Over the course of exploration, you will find that the features will prove more and more accurate with high-end mobile gadgets. Overtime, this will help recognize and alter some features as well. Where responsive web design is not within reach, adaptive web design can play a similar role. Here, the code is well-written for server side of the page as well as browser side of the page, allowing the user to access the targeted website effectively. The difference is that, adaptive web design allows only required elements of the page. This may slow load time and also limit what users can see on a webpage. On the bright side, there is no need to rebuild the website with this approach, only pick and choose what users would see among the content of the webpage. This means adding codes every time a new device with a different screen size is introduced to the mobile market – works well when majority of the mobile traffic is coming via iPhones or other standard mobile devices. In such cases, the company will suit the content to match with the standard device rather than all devices at one time. A number of websites rely on this approach, Mobify, Etsy and Threadless to name a few. A responsive web design not only makes maintaining a single website easier for the website owners, but avoids complicated redirects, simply sharing of addresses and preserve URLs. This is a better, tested option for SEO for long term as well and gives a better return on investment. What is also important is to resist getting stuck with your exploration, just keep going and remember, this is your chance to showcase and prove your business’s worth.